Friday, May 9, 2008

The Purpose of this Blog

This blog is my entry into the marketplace of ideas on the topic of belief. My main target audience is my children and their descendants so I am telling them in a direct manner what I think about sometimes controversial subjects. But you can look in and comment too.

My Family Legacy
Our true legacy in the long term is those concepts and ideas that we leave to our descendants which win out over competing ideas in society. To understand more of what I am saying, try to guess how many descendants you will have in 900 years, assuming two children in each family. See my post called "Your Family Tree is Actually a Family Diamond" to find out the answer and to understand better why I am making this blog.

I will not generally talk in this blog about the positions I hold which are common. There are plenty of books and web pages to talk about generally held beliefs and my descendants would surely encounter the commonly held beliefs. Rather, I will talk about the concepts and issues I hold that go against the most commonly held beliefs of the American society in which I live.

Buyer Beware
So, if you read this blog enough you will likely find things you disagree with and/or that make you feel uncomfortable. But of course the only blogs which are valuable to you are the ones with ideas that you do not hold or information that you do not have. So, please think through what I am saying and if I am making a logical or factual error, please let me know (and be nice, please).

Also, please note that I will be writing headlines and including pictures designed to try to make the topics interesting and that will encourage people to read the posts. I will try to document my posts with links where appropriate, but this is not a formal scholarly work. So please understand that I am trying to be accurate and respectful of all beliefs while at the same time expressing the beliefs I currently hold in an interesting way. If you consistently hold opposite beliefs from mine I would suggest setting up a blog of your own. Then when your descendants eventually intermarry with my descendants, they can choose their beliefs by comparing our blogs :)